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​"My Body Is Not A Metaphor"

Superstition Review

"Me After Me Before You"

Superstition Review

"Raising the Bar"

Superstition Review

"The Everyday Tragedy"

Superstition Review



"Pain's Wake" (click Issue 69, then scroll to page 10)


"You Probably Think This Post Is About You"​Superstition Review

"Guest Blog Post"

Superstition Review

"Los arco iris"

Superstition Review

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but i will never feel it."

-- "Burn"

"Alone, in that dark hotel room, the noise from the beach finally quieting, I questioned for the first time whether all dependence should be counted as loss."

"The first time he’d been caught, he was fourteen. His father walked in on him standing in front of a full-length mirror in nothing but black stockings, like the kind Spanish girls wore under jean miniskirts and leather boots, tripping-tipsy on calimocho."


-- "Pain's Wake"
-- "Me After Me Before You"